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Mar 29, 2024

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro

The Tineco Floor One S7 Pro is the latest upright combo vacuum/mop. It is an upgrade from the Floor One S5 Pro, which was pretty good in the first place. I was impressed Tineco Floor One S5 Pro vacuum

The Tineco Floor One S7 Pro is the latest upright combo vacuum/mop. It is an upgrade from the Floor One S5 Pro, which was pretty good in the first place.

I was impressed Tineco Floor One S5 Pro vacuum mop hard floor cleaner (review), and we continue to use it to vacuum and mop our hard floors. The S7 is bigger, faster, and a tad more effective, but the S5 Pro is lower-cost and will do the job.

In case you don’t read the table below, the improvements are:

We use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations) and Exceed (surpasses expectations or is the class leader) against many of the items below. We occasionally give a Pass(able) rating that is not as good as it should be and a Pass ‘+’ rating to show it is good but does not quite make it to Exceed. You can click on most images for an enlargement.

First, let’s discuss hard floor care – laminate, hardwood, tiles, vinyl, cement, etc. These all need vacuuming first (sweeping will not do), then a water/solution mopping, and optionally buffing or polishing.

We test stick and robot vacuums/mops and power mops. We are always looking for the NIRVANA – the best, easiest, and shortest way to do what can be a manual job with considerable physical exertion (hand mopping is tiring).

Option 1: The Dyson Gen5detect – the evolution continues (vacuum review) is the best dedicated vacuum and removes 99% of the dust and detritus from edges, stairs, and hard and soft floors. But then you need to mop, and the Kärcher FC 7 cordless power mop for a super effortless clean (review) is the best-dedicated power mop. But this takes at least twice as long for a 100% job.

Note that LG and Samsung stick vacs (and other brands) have mop attachments, but these require vacuuming first – no one-pass time reduction.

Option 2: If you go the robot vacuum/mop route, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni robovac/mop is the best we have reviewed. Call this the convenient route, but as with all robot vacuum/mops, it cannot do edges and stairs, and the mop is more of a maintenance standard. Let’s say that while this is largely unattended, there is considerable house preparation (to get things off the floor), and it is about 70% as effective as option 1. You still need a good stick vac and something to mop edges to finish up.

#Option 3 is an integrated stick vacuum/mop (more a wet/dry vacuum with a powered mop head). The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro and now the more powerful S7 Pro are not unique to this category (there are other brands), but the advantage is that you can vacuum and mop in a single pass. Let’s rate this at 85% for convenience. There is no need to do house prep; the overall job is better than Option 2 and not quite as good as Option 1. You will still need a vacuum for the carpet, stairs, edges, and dusting.

It is a bigger version of the S5 Pro. The body, detachable handle, clean and dirty water tanks, spare roller, filter, and cleaning solution are in the box. It has a charger base as well.

It is well made, and tanks are easy to remove and replace.

The Tineco App for Android and iOS is only really required for firmware updates. Every function is available on the device itself. It shows that vacuum power varies from 120W (we presume Air Watts) to 150W and spray modes.

Consumer Advice: We suggest you first read the AU website’s privacy policy and terms of use. Note that these are different from the device policies in the App – an oversight Godfreys needs to fix.

While we can say that the policy and terms are relatively benign, understand that:

They are governed by and construed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China without reference to conflicts of laws. Any disputes under these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, P.R China.

The good news is that you don’t need the App (so don’t use it), which is about owning the customer data.

Tineco has invented a new marketing acronym MHCBS as if we should all know what it means. In fact, it is a pending trademark covering the categories of brushes for vacuum cleaners; Carpet cleaning machines; Cordless vacuum cleaners; Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; Electric steam mops; Electric steam mops for household purposes; Floor cleaning machines; Floor scrubbing machines; Floor washing machines; Hand-held vacuum cleaners; Machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing, electric; Steam cleaners for household purposes; Steam cleaning machines; Vacuum cleaners; Vacuum cleaners for household purposes.

And we are still none the wiser. In fact, the Tineco website has many marketing terms like iLoop, SmoothPower, Centrifugal drying and more. That is typical of Chinese manufacturers – not just Tineco – trying to get one up on the competition. The fact is that it doesn’t need marketing hype – this product and specs sell itself.

It has a non-removable 25.2V/4A/101W battery (up from 86W on the S5 Pro). The DC plug pack supplied 30V/1A/30W, and the charge time is 4-5 hours.

Running time depends on the mode.

Tineco does not reveal the battery cycle life, but we assume it is at least 500 recharges. A vacuum technician can replace it after removing many screws. If you can’t buy one (try eBay or Alibaba – costs about $100), a battery repacker can refurbish it.

Our testers used both the S5 and S7 Pro. While they preferred the S7 Pro for its bi-directional powered wheels (SmoothPower), its extra 500g weight made it only marginally easier to use than the S5 Pro. Some commented that the direction of the powered wheels was a little unpredictable, but we did not experience that.

Some commented that it did not tilt down enough to get under tables. That is the same as the S5, and it is more about the water flow, brush efficiency and suction.

The S7 has a new menu button on the handle. Most ended up getting the animated Tineco Assistant when all they wanted was to change modes.

The consensus was that it is easy to use, a little heavier in hand, and perfect for maintenance mopping on hard floors in good condition. It was far easier to use than a hand mop.

The S7 had the same issue as the S5 – it did not clean the tile grout. But that is really the province of a stream vacuum mop like the Eufy Clean Mach V1 Ultra – an excellent vacuum/mop and steam cleaner.

While the S5 and S7 produced similar results, it became clear that the S7 could handle dirtier floors. We are currently renovating, and the cement dust gets into everything. The S7 completely removed that where the S5 tended to spread it around.

The S7 has a faster, superior mop roller. Its new design also cleans on both sides to within a few millimetres of the edge.

It recovered 89% of test detritus compared to the S5 at 75%.

It leaves few, if any, streaks, and the floor is ‘walk dry’ in minutes.

WARNING: Avoid oil and grease spills at all costs. One user tried, and the roller became clogged, requiring several hand washes with strong detergent to rejuvenate it.

There are two self-cleaning modes (S5 has one). The Quick Clean takes 2 minutes and soaks and cleans the roller. The Super Self-Clean takes 6 minutes, and spin dries the roller.

Suffice it to say that it is best if the roller is dry between uses to minimise the chance of mould, although the S5 has not experienced issues.

Tineco recommends a roller replacement every eight months. You should visually check and determine if it needs replacing that frequently. What we found with the S5 is that an occasional Dishmatic scrub reinvigorates the brush.

The cleaning and deodorising solution (500ml – use a cap full per fill) costs $24.99. It is economical and does a better job than water alone.

In water, it contains 5% 2 Methyloxirane (washing/grease stripping) and Benzothiazolinone (fungicide).

I suggest using it, or tap water in Ultra Electrolysis mode , to avoid clogging the roller spray head. Note that tap water can cause calcium scale with prolonged use.

It is about 75-78dB – the same as a vacuum cleaner.

The front cover is easily removed and exposes the floating blade and roller (easy to remove). This area needs cleaning,

The dirty water tank is easily cleaned under running water. A filter unit sits above it and should be cleaned under running water when visibly dirty.

Remember, this is a stick vacuum/mop for hard floors, and you will still need a vacuum for carpets, stairs, edges etc. The upside is that it cuts vacuum/mop time in half on hard floors, which is worth it.

It does a slightly better job than the lower-cost S5 Pro, which is enough for most users. The advantages over the S5 are better dual-edge cleaning, powered wheels, and a slightly better-finished job.

Our view – if you have the money, this is worth every penny.

The S5 Pro rated 82/100, and this has improved on a pretty good product.

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NameFloor One S5 ProTineco Floor One S7 Pro $999$1299ColourPowerSuction PowerVacuum DegreeModeUltraBattery25.2V,4000mAhRun Time/ minWater runs same time as batteryCharging Time/ hNoise/ dBAClean WaterDirty Water0.72LFiltration SystemWater Recovery96%Water ReleasePrecise controlSelf-cleaningcentrifugal air dryingScreenElectrolysed water/Ultra ModeiLoop technology Dirt/dust sensorEdge CleaningAssistancerear assistanceScraperLED HeadlightApp IntegrationAccessoryN.W. (KG)5.0kgG.W. (KG)8.3kgProduct Size/ mm